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UPDATED 08/15/2019

The item list is updated weekly.

There are three ways to pre-order. You can call your order in to our office, fax the completed order sheet or you may email your order to the office. The contact information can be found below. Please have your pre-orders sent in by noon, the day before your appointment. Due to available time and space, we will NOT accept pre-orders more than one day before your appointment. You may add items to your order during your appointment; however, you WILL NOT be allowed to delete items from your pre-ordered list.  Pre-orders will be processed based on the time they are received. We will make every effort to have the items you pre-order available; we cannot guarantee that all items pre-ordered will be on hand. Also, please remember some items will require matching, and some will be available in limited quantities.

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Description Amount
USDA– Canned Pork 24oz 24/cs  
USDA– Light Sliced Pears 15 oz cans 24/cs  
USDA– Sliced Potatoes 15 oz cans 24/cs  
MATCH ITEM USDA– Garbanzo/ Chick Peas 15oz cans 24/cs  
USDA -Block Cheddar Cheese 2lb block 12/cs  
USDA– Meatless Spaghetti Sauce 15oz cans 24/cs  
USDA– Diced Tomatoes 15 oz cans 24/cs  
USDA – Canned Beef 24oz cans 24/cs  
USDA – Smooth Peanut Butter 16oz jars 12/cs  
USDA– Black beans 15oz cans 24/cs  
USDA – Chicken Drumsticks 5lb pkg 8/cs  
MATCH ITEM USDA – Instant Nonfat Dry Milk 12.8oz pkg 24/cs  
MATCH ITEM USDA– Long grain white rice 2lb bags 24/cs  
MATCH ITEM USDA– Brown Rice 2lb bag 30/cs  
MATCH ITEM USDA– Dry Split peas 2lb bags 12/cs  
USDA – Dried Pitted Plums 1lb pkg 24/cs  
MATCH ITEM USDA -Roasted Pistachios 2lb bags 12/cs  
MATCH ITEM USDA – Dry Navy Beans 2lb bags 12/cs  
USDA – Alaskan Pollock Fillets (AKA Captain D’s Fish) 2lbpkg 20/cs  
USDA – Spaghetti Noodles 1lb pkg 20/cs  
Assorted Meat boxes  
Assorted Dry pallets  
Assorted Cereal  
Yellow Mustard  
Honey Mustard  
Suave Full Size Shampoo  
Mini travel size Shampoo  

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