Products on Hand

UPDATED 09/18/2019

The item list is updated weekly.

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Description Amount
USDA– Canned Pork 24oz 24/cs  
USDA– Light Sliced Pears 15 oz cans 24/cs  
USDA– Sliced Potatoes 15 oz cans 24/cs  
USDA – Spaghetti Noodles 1lb pkg 20/cs  
USDA– Meatless Spaghetti Sauce 15oz cans 24/cs  
USDA– Diced Tomatoes 15 oz cans 24/cs  
USDA – Alaskan Pollock Fish Sticks 2lb bags 20/cs  
USDA – Smooth Peanut Butter 16oz jars 12/cs  
USDAMixed Fruit in Light Syrup 14.5oz cans 24/cs  
USDA – Chicken Drumsticks 5lb pkg 8/cs  
USDA – Frozen Corn (whole kernel) 2.5lb pkg 12/cs  
USDA– Long grain white rice 2lb bags 24/cs  
USDA – Raisins 1.33oz boxes 144/cs  
USDA – Whole Kernel Corn 15oz cans 24/cs  
USDA – Cranberry juice CONCENTRATE 11.5oz bottles 12/cs  
USDA – Frozen Cooked Ham 3lb hams 12/cs  
USDA – Pulled Pork 2lb bags 20/cs  
MATCH ITEM USDA– Garbanzo/ Chick Peas 15oz cans 24/cs  
MATCH ITEM USDA – Heinz Ketchup Minis 2.25oz bottles 60/cs  
MATCH ITEM USDA – Block Cheddar Cheese 5lb block 6/cs   
MATCH ITEM USDA – Dried Sweetened Cranberries 30oz bags/16cs  
MATCH ITEM USDA– Dry Split peas 2lb bags 12/cs  
MATCH ITEM USDA– Brown Rice 2lb bag 30/cs  
MATCH ITEM USDA – Dry Navy Beans 2lb bags 12/cs  
MATCH ITEM USDA – Fresh Whole Milk 1 gal jug 4/cs  
MATCH ITEM USDA – Fresh Plums (Bulk Box)  

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