Grocery Store Program

We pick up food from local grocery stores 3 times a week and are able to collect over 100,000 pounds of food annually from these stores combined. We prevent this food from going to waste and use it to help feed our service areas most vulnerable citizens.

Backpack Program

2-4 times a year we have volunteers come in to fill boxes, bags, or backpacks to the brim with yummy snacks, easy to open canned goods, easy microwaveable meals, juice boxes and bottled water to help prevent children in our service areas from going hungry during long school breaks.

Disaster Response

Should a disaster strike in our service area, you can rest assured we will play a vital role in assisting all residents impacted. We supply emergency food and water and any other necessities we may have on hand to the victims of disaster.

Mobile Pantry Program

This program is designed to drop mass quantities of food to impact communities of our service area. On a Bi-weekly to monthly basis, we partner with a local agency and fill our truck to the brim (an average of 15,000 pounds) with nutritious food. We drop all the food off at the agency location and they distribute to all the residents in need in the area. Usually services 150-300 families per mobile pantry.

Brown Bag Special Program

Our Brown Bag program is a special program for homebound seniors exclusively. A group of our agency members pre-register qualifying seniors in their distribution area and we provide them with a bag of shelf stable nutritious items at no cost to them or the Agency distributing.

Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP)

The CSFP program is another program designed to help poverty stricken senior citizens 60+ in our four-county service area. CSFP is a box program distributed by some of our Agency members to pre-qualified seniors in their area. The boxes provide items for nutritious meals each month.